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Drinking Yerba Mate traditional way with a Bombilla can be tricky sometimes, there are some tips to follow in order to have a good experience. If your Yerba Mate tastes too bitter, there is probably something that you're doing wrong. Follow these tips and you'll become a Skilled Cebador in no time!

1) Add Yerba Mate to the 2/3 of a container

2) Tap the Yerba Mate to one side of the container to create a 45° little slope on one side

3) Moisten the Yerba Mate with cool water. Just a splash at the bottom of the slope

4) Gently insert the filter tip of Bombilla (straw) into the bottom of the container


We recommend to use is around 1 to 3 tablespoons of Yerba Mate per cup of water.
Depending on the strength that you are looking for, you'll find your right dosage.


If you're infusing with hot water, steep for 4 to 10 minutes. If you're cold brewing, we recommend to let it steep for 1 to 20 hours.
Again, it all depends on the strength that you're looking for.

Yerba Mate can be infused with hot (65 to 80 ° C) or cold water. One important thing to remember is to never use boiling water.
Boiling water burns all the nutrients and makes bitter Yerba Mate.

Remember to always moisten your Yerba Mate with cool water before infusing with hot water. This will protect the flavour and the nutrients. Avoid Boiling Water! Boiling water burns all the nutrients and it makes bitter Yerba Mate. Simmering water (between 65 and 80 °C) is ideal. Avoid over-steeping Yerba Mate (5 minutes maximum). Also, make sure to never leave water in the Yerba Mate between infusions Avoid moving the Bombilla once inserted. Stirring will steep all the herb at once, and it may also clog the Bombilla.