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Some BALIBETOV Tips and recommendations for the care of your Natural Mate Gourd and Accessories. What to do and what NOT to do.

- DO NOT FILL THE MATE ALL THE WAY TOP !! When using the Mate (curing process too) be extra careful, the preparation should be 1 cm or half a cm below the ring. The ring fulfills mainly an aesthetic function. If we overdo it with water, water can seep into the leather and ruin it. It will also cause a detachment to lose the ring.
- Be extra careful with your calabash Gourd. Do not drop it. If abused or dropped, small cracks may form and increase over time leading to leaks thus compromising your gourd. 
- Do not put the Mate under the tap while the water is running over it. Many people wash it this way and it is not the best for a long durability since over time the leather can be ruined and the ring loosen, the water is very powerful against this type of Mate, be very CAREFUL.
- Remove the Yerba with a spoon and the remains with a napkin. The napkin will also absorb much of the moisture that remains in the pumpkin after use.
- Make sure to dry the gourd correctly, placing it in a ventilated area at an angle allowing air to flow freely to the gourd's interior, face up. A common mistake is to put it upside down, which favors the appearance of fungi.
The “Bombilla” or straw is perhaps the most sensitive part, because it is shared with others. It is advisable to clean it after each use, but once a month you should do a deep clean: the straw is immersed in boiling water for about 30 minutes and afterwards it is scrubbed with a brush.
- For the care of the leather apply leather cleaner and conditioner just as used for a leather shoe!
- For the care of the ring apply silver clean and shine.
- Deep clean and give a shiny look to your thermo by cleaning it with hot water and leaving it to rest for a few hours with warm water and lemon. Then rinse and dry.


The importance of properly CLEANING THE MATE

The mate ritual includes sharing the beverage with a group of friends or even strangers, but this can be risky in winter, when flu and viruses are abundant. If the mate has not been cleaned properly, harmful agents such as fungi and bacteria are likely to proliferate. Besides, it is difficult to feel the real taste of a good mate if the conditions are not good; so it is better to take some time to cure it and wash it at the right time.